Hello, I'm Claude...
I Help Smart Marketers Create REAL 6-7 Figure+ Online Businesses...

As a 12 year veteran of the marketing world, secretly being behind some of the largest launches, products and softwares online, I know what works and what doesn’t… And I’ll share that ALL with you.


Frederick Larenge

Founder of Entrepreneurs Hub

“Claude opened my eyes to a whole new lucrative way to accelerate what we do and I cannot thank him enough. What he showed us was a new way to add 6-figures a month in revenue from just 2 simple tweaks to our business. Amazing and you should work with him!”

Anne Maria

Founder of The Smarter Business Symposium

“Claude is a genius when it comes to accelerating revenue and simplifying what works and what doesn't. He is a regular speaker at our events and our audience loves his unique approach that yields results. If you are not listening to his advice and ideas then you are losing revenue.”

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